The Fashion Crew: The Infinity Scarf

At Nautica, we are always looking for ways to simplify one’s wardrobe.  Taking this into consideration, we do our best to incorporate a sense of functionality behind each piece of clothing we make.  And currently our Infinity Scarf does just that.  With its circle shape and neutral colors, this is an easy, effortless scarf that will compliment any outfit.  Worn over a thick overcoat or a thin sweater, this is a statement piece that can be worn for warmth or simply to complete a look.  Besides being versatile, it’s also incredibly functional in terms of the way it can be worn.  Wrap it twice around your neck for a classic look, weave your arms through it to create an effortless over-the-shoulder shawl or even over your head as a slouchy hood.  The options are endless!

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