Good Gear & Gadgets: iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is here at last! Apple released the latest version of the iPhone last month, which also included its newest operating system, iOS6. Updates to the iPhone’s outward appearance include a thinner and lighter design and a bigger, brighter 4 inch retina display screen. One of the most noticeable changes is the 8-pin connector cord for charging the phone and uploading or downloading data. If you own speaker docks or other accessories for the 30-pin adaptor, you will need a “Lightning Adaptor” to use these accessories with the phone’s “Lightning connector”. The iPhone’s camera has improved HDR capabilities, but its coolest feature has to be its ability to take 240-degree panoramic pictures! Other features new to iPhone 5 include an A6 chip, updated ear-bud design, Apple Maps and Passbook. Fortunately for owners of older iPhones, Apple also made iOS6 available for download prior to releasing iPhone 5.