Oceana Membership Drive

It’s nearly a full month into 2013 and this week is special for all of us at Oceana because we’ve kicked off our annual Membership Drive. From Monterey Bay to the Mediterranean Sea, everyone at Oceana is excited about continuing our advocacy and conservation work in the new year, and even though we’ve set very achievable goals, we can’t accomplish them without the support of everyone who care about the oceans.

In the  U.S., we have a campaign to-do list that’s a mile long, but some of the highlights include gaining new protections for Great White Sharks, designating critical habitat for loggerhead sea turtles and advancing seafood traceability standards in the U.S. Throughout the year, our scientists, policy experts and legal staff masterfully direct these campaigns and – with your support – we can continue to deliver concrete victories for the oceans, just like we did in 2012 when…

• Aided by 40,000 petition signatures, we got Alibaba.com to stop selling products made with manta rays

• We gained critical ocean habitat  – in fact, the first permanent safe haven in continental U.S. waters – for Pacific Leatherback sea turtles

• With the support of advocates across the U.S. – including many who signed a petition at the 2012 Nautica Malibu Triathlon – the National Marine Fisheries Service agreed to consider the West Coast populations of great white sharks for listing under the Endangered Species Act

Our work takes place year-round, but this is a week for reaffirming our commitment to protecting the world’s oceans and reminding everyone who shares a passion for the water to get involved. To learn more about becoming an Oceana Member (and the cool benefits available if you sign up this week), please visit our website.