Jenni Radosevich from ISPYDIY

For our Home 2016 Press Preview, we invited the well known DIY Queen – Jenny Radosevich from the blog    ISPYDIY   to come and teach us a few things about arts and crafts and DIY projects.

We love Jenni’s passion for all things DIY. We sat down with Jenni to pick her brain about her inspiration, favorite projects, and some overall advice on do it yourself projects.

Read our Q&A with Jenni below!

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What inspired you to start your site?

I have always been a crafty girl, growing up in Wisconsin I always created my own style: thrifting clothes, making friendship bracelets, and covering everything I owned with tie dye and puffy paint (I was not afraid of multiple pops of color). When I moved to New York, on a tight budget, I continued to make the trends I was seeing in magazines and on the runway. I got a great response from my coworkers atInStyle, which lead to a story in the mag, then a column, and then a book, I Spy DIY Style.

What types of things do you typically draw inspiration from?

I find inspiration everywhere! When I window shop, I am usually looking for thinks I love, but can recreate for less. Home projects have become my favorite, because I always love reinventing a space with simple DIY changes, like new pillows!

What is your favorite room to create projects for?   

Right now I would say the livingroom, I built a coffee table out of slab of wood that I just love. My family helped me with that project, so it has a lot of good memories attached to it. My apt:

Words of wisdom for someone redecorating on a budget?

I LOVE to find things to decorate with at the thrift/antique stores. All those extra special items in a room it what really makes it special, so why not find on-of-a-kind pieces. Plus, it can be way less expensive, especially when you like to negotiate like I do.

What is your most memorable DIY mishap?

There have been many, but one of the largest projects I took on was painting my entire studio white. My assistant and I decided to rent a paint sprayer and tackle the 900sq ft space ourselves. They told us we would need 4 gallons of paints…14 gallons later the walls, ceiling, and floors were white, and so was every inch of my skin, clothes and hair. Messiest day ever!

What was your favorite DIY project? What was the hardest?

Aww, it is so hard to pick! I loved making fashion projects so much when I started the site, and then when I got my studio space, I really shifted my focus to home projects, which I have been having a blast making. Next up, I would love to renovate a house, which I have no doubt would be my hardest yet, most rewarding project.

See below for photos of Jenni’s collab with Nautica creating DIY Indigo Dye Pillows!



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