It’s no secret we’re a fan of Nautica-sponsored pro golfer Cameron Tringale. So when we had the opportunity to chat him up, of course we asked him everything on our mind: Club of choice? Who to hit the links with? What to wear when off-course? And a lot more…






NAUTICA: When did you start playing golf, and how long before you realized this was something you could do professionally?

CT:  I first swung a golf club at the age of 10, although I was quite active in other sports , so I didn’t begin taking it seriously until age 12.  It quickly became a passion of mine and by high school I was aiming for a scholarship to play at the collegiate level.  I had a successful couple years at Georgia Tech and then thought, “maybe this Professional Golf thing could be an option”.  By my Junior (of college) year I was committed to giving the professional ranks a try.  The slow but steady progression of success gave me hope over a period of time, so not sure there was an exact moment, but always hoped it would work out.


NAUTICA: What is your favorite aspect of the game of golf?

CT:  Golf is an amazing game for so many reasons, but my favorite has to be individual and personal challenge of it.  The game cannot be mastered or perfected, not even close.  It is difficult, but the satisfaction of hitting a new shot or even just improving a single shot is pretty amazing.  You have no teammates, no one to pass the ball to, or to get open for, its simply a game against yourself.  Its been the thing that has kept me going in the dark and low times that are inevitable in this game.  The challenge is pretty addicting.


NAUTICA: After a bad hole, how do you regain your focus and prepare for the next hole?

CT:  Golf has taught me one thing for sure, and that is that you cannot change the past.  Once a shot has been hit (or a bad hole) there is nothing I can do to reverse it, but I do have the choice to consciously move on to the next shot and begin planning how to play that shot in the most effective way.  Easier said than done of course, but that is my goal.


NAUTICA: If you could play golf with any 3 people, living or dead, who would they be?

CT: My brother Jon, Larry David and Jesus.


NAUTICA: When you’re not golfing, what do you do for fun?

CT:  I love to play tennis. Overall, I am pretty active in my time off, and love being outside, running, and drinking coffee.


NAUTICA: Favorite city to visit during a tournament?

CT: Easy.  New York City.  So many fun neighborhoods, restaurants, central park, and nonstop action.  The city has such a fun buzz to it.


NAUTICA: Favorite movie?

CT: Dumb and Dumber


NAUTICA: Favorite club in your bag?

CT:  My putter.  Its a Scotty Cameron custom 009.  Tons of fun characters on it, super soft feel, and its been with me for many many years.  Its a club I can always count on when the pressure is on!


NAUTICA: It’s your birthday, and you get to pick the dinner menu, what are you having?

CT: I’d start off with a hearty green salad.  Soup de Jour… Lobster bisque.   A Sashimi Roll.  A juicy filet, and top it off with a warm chocolate chip cookie alamode.


NAUTICA: What type of music do you listen to? Anything special before a tournament?

CT:  Generally I listen to quite an array of music.  Lots of worship music. and singer songwriter acoustic stuff.  Right now, i’m into  Hillsong United, Jon Foreman, NeedtoBreathe, Josh Garrels.  Before a tournament and working out, I enjoy EDM.  Tiesto and Hardwell are a couple of my favorite DJ’s.


NAUTICA: Describe your on-course style? What’s your favorite Nautica gear?

CT:  I would describe my on-course style as classic, with a sprinkle of flair.  I love the traditional looks with button-down collars, fringe patters, and fun stripe patterns.  I wear slimmer fitting trousers which connect a youthful and sleek style to my classic look.


NAUTICA: Describe your off-course style? What do you like to wear when you aren’t playing golf?

CT:  Having grown up in a southern California beach town, my off course style is pretty causal.  I wear flip flop, shorts and t-shirts most days at home, although I do enjoy dressing things up from time to time.  I mix it up, try and keep my style fresh and fun.



Whether it’s for on or off course, Cameron picked his favorite pieces for the season at hand.

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