Waxed Cotton Tartan Jacket x British Millerain



We sought out world-renowned textile manufacturer British Millerain out of Lancashire, UK to help us design our Fall 2016 Waxed Cotton Tartan Jacket. 

Professionals in their craft, British Millerain has been producing rich quality textiles for over a century.

With a patent on their Millerain® rainproof finish, they have carved out their own space and have rightfully earned their reputation as the leading manufacturers of Waxed Cottons and practical, aesthetic fabrics for outdoor applications around the world.

We got the chance to sit down with the Managing Director of British Millerain James Keeble, and picked his brain on the art of waxed cotton and what six generations of quality craftsmanship looks like. See below for our Q&A!

NAUTICA: How did you end up at British Millerain?

JAMES KEEBLE: My Father-in-Law, Michael Miller is the Chairman and owner of British Millerain. The 5th generation Miller family member. My original background is biological sciences, having completed a PhD in Cell Biology in 2005. After working for a Management Consultant company in London for 4 years, I joined the family business and never looked back!

N: What has been your favorite brand collaboration or project that you have worked on at British Millerain?

JK: There have been many over the years! I am very proud of all the brand collaborations that we have worked on – it is very rewarding for us to see the finished garment.

N: What is waxed cotton most commonly used on?

JK: The original use for waxed cotton and still the most common is classic country clothing and Hunting/Fishing garments. The industry’s leading brands continue to recognize the unique weather resistant properties and aesthetic appeal of waxed cotton. Over the last decade or so, we have seen increasing demand, from high-end fashion brands for outerwear and accessories, which has fuelled our R&D team to develop new and exciting variations of the original waxed cotton.

N: How many waxed cotton jackets do you own?!

JK: 4! Each has a slightly different finish and styling.

N: What is on the horizon as far as products at British Millerain?

JK:  Whilst we remain true to our past, it is critical that we continue to innovate and evolve with the marketplace and changing customer needs. Through continued investment in R&D, we consistently develop new exciting finishes with different appearance , handle and drape.

N: What does six generations of textile crafting look like in regards to quality, craftsmanship and performance?

JK:  When you buy Millerain waxed cotton, you are buying the original – a truly unique fabric, full of character. Dyeing cotton is a science and finishing an art. We have spent over a century refining our processes and machinery in-house, allowing us to create truly bespoke textiles. The continued demand for ‘Millerain’d’ fabric really is testament to the quality and expertise that goes into making every single meter.

Find out more about British Millerain here!