Jenni Radosevich from ISPYDIY

For our Home 2016 Press Preview, we invited the well known DIY Queen – Jenny Radosevich from the blog    ISPYDIY   to come and teach us a few things about arts and crafts and DIY projects. We love Jenni’s passion for all things DIY. We sat down with Jenni to pick her brain about her inspiration, favorite projects, […]

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Artist Series: Inslee Fariss

Guest Artist Series: Inslee Fariss

      WHERE DO YOU CURRENTLY RESIDE?: I live in Nolita, on Mulberry Street. I think I moved there because I liked the street name.   WHAT INSPIRES YOU?: I’m inspired by the confident, unexpected sartorial choices of the women of New York I see sweeping past me on the streets, turning the city […]

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Guest Artist Series: Lauren Roth

STORY?: I grew up in New Jersey and went to school in Savannah Georgia for Art and Design. My major was Illustration. I graduated Savannah College and was hired by Whole Foods as a graphic designer. That is how I ended up in Hawaii. Whole Foods has a few locations out here.       […]

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Guest Artist Series - Judd Bolocker

Guest Artist Series: Judd Boloker

    WHO: Judd Boloker, a Hawaii based artist whose Lei prints portray the color, movement and detail of Hawaiian floral customs. His exposure to the beauty and authentic traditions of Hawaii inspire his work and his collaboration with Nautica.           INSPIRATION: Recently, Judd’s main focus has been “The Hawaiian Lei […]

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